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1 November 2019

This month's big break-through is that MapADay.io is now live on the internet for internal testing. We have some dummy data uploaded, reviews are live, as is very basic search based off a user's profile, and we're working with some partners on getting data loaded. We've had a lot of great input from industry insiders. I'm really looking forward to the next phase, which is data loading, search algorithm development and AI integration.

Stay tuned for further updates.

1 October 2019

I am currently working on a very exciting and potentially revolutionary new service that will improve how we discover experiences and schedule them into our free time. MapADay.io is a collaboration between myself and my co-founders - and we hope to go live with our first web based release in Q4 2019.

Stay tuned for further updates.

1 September 2019

MovieRatingsApp.com is a side project I developed this summer to address the problem of spending more time searching on Netflix and HBO Nordic on what to watch then actually watching series or movies. It combines movie info from an open database with ratings scores from IMDB and allows the user to search for what to watch based off their preferences. So far it's populated with data for the UK and Denmark - and really helped me to discover quality material to watch. I've not uploaded data for a while - I just need to find 15 minutes to do that - and then automate it... but other priorities beckon..

Give it a try!